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If you are a fashion follower and trend lover, we're here to help! The fashion season is back and this is what you need to know. The fall season is always a chance to showcase your personality.

The must-haves this season is coats, leathers, denim, jackets, boots and bags. With all new designs and experiments with colours, fabrics and prints, the fabulous fall fashion oportunities can give you a standout look.

Winter wear

The long below knee length coats and printed coats are in the fashion dictionary this season. The trend setter of the season is collared ankle length coats. The big and tall look can be perfectly blended with coverlets, wraps, high heels and boots.

In addition, the fabrics and prints which give you homely feeling are the coats with classic colours and prints. The neo-Victorian style with high neck ruffled collars alyways add energy to your look. The coats with furs are always in fashion and this season is no different. Experiment using furs with various designs and patterns for a unique look.

Everyday fashion

Also trending this season is the tailored paint suit, inspired by men’s wear. The corporate and strong look is what this style is all about - comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The style with minimum flares and interestingly printed blouse is much-preferred look this season.

The fabrics with stunning embroidery bringing the bling and glitzy look are perfect for evening occasions. Fabrics such as velvet and silk can give a rich look to any inspired piece of clothing. Dark and sexy is the theme and colour of the season. Having said this season will interlace the form of dress with a racy, romantic and old fashion look.


No one can disagree that denim makes a never fading impression to street style. Be it denim skirts or shorts, pants or caprices denim are evergreen. Whether it is rock star look or chilling and relaxing look, denims are the first choice.

Denim is always a good idea

The best thing about denim is it can be paired with any outer. Rolling back in time denim is alyays the tried and true fashion statement, giving you an edgy look. Denim, when paired with sweatshirts and sweaters, gives a young and vibrant look. Sweaters with slogans and designs are the trend makers of this season. The relaxed and cosy look is what inspired the design.

Fashion and fun

The fall season trend is incomplete without accessories. The fall trend look of the season is head to toe look which is neck pieces and clutches and bags and footwear. The bags and clutches with culture influences and use of textures and colours and furs is a huge hit.

Everybody loves fashion but not everybody understands fashion. With the world's increasing appetite for following fashion, the technology is catching up. Our app is here to help you personify your style and image. Every day is a style statement and every season is a season of change. Happy styling!

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